Zanimomusic Sound books

FRIPOUILLE – Dance with Fripouille, the frog / Danse avec Fripouille la grenouille des Zanimomusic

Fripouille wants to teach her friend Jojo the toad to dance. With her maracas, Fripouille the frog helps children become aware of their body and teaches them to dance to Latin music rhythms.

A sound story with dance.

16 x 16 cm – 12 pages

OTTO – Emotions with Otto, the polar bear / Découvrir et comprendre ses émotions avec Otto, l’ours polaire des Zanimomusic 

The ice cream van is here…what will Otto choose? With his xylophone, the polar bear shares his joy, hesitation, anger, sadness…and surprise!

A sound story to discover music and emotions.

TAM-TAM – Run with Tam-Tam, the hippo / Cour avec Tam-Tam l’hippopotame des Zanimomusic

Tam-Tam meets a bee. When he is frightened, he runs fast and the tempo gets faster too! With Tam- Tam the hippo’s tambourine, children discover that music can accompany slow and fast movement.

A rhythmic sound story.

BABETTE – Sing with Babette, the goldfish / Chante avec Babette, le poisson rouge des Zanimomusic

Babette the gold sh goes on holiday and meets new friends! Little ones discover singing and how much joy it can bring, guided by the sound of Babette’s flute.

A singing sound story.