Wind in my Head / Du vent dans ma tête

Sometimes, mornings are too grey. My head is too heavy. My ideas are too dark. So I put on my sneakers and run up to the top of the mountain, where the wind blows over the clouds and the fog. The wind makes me feel light. But how can I keep some of this wind in my head?
A poetic text to learn how to chase away negative emotions, with a self made “wind bag” pattern.

Marjolaine Nadal & Marianne Pasquet

13 x 18 cm – 24 pages. 

Part of the Ginko series, a collection of illustrated fiction for children aged 6-8. 

Awards: Currently shortlisted Prix UNICEF de littérature jeunesse 2021     Shortlisted Prix Sorcières 2020, Shortlisted Prix Atout Lire ! 2020-2021