Why Pangolins wear Scales / Un manteau d’écailles pour le pangolin

In African savannah, Pangolin and Honey Badger are fighting over wild beehives. With his thick coat of fur, Pangolin does not fear bee stings. One day, both two animals are challenged so as to decide which one of them will be able to keep on savouring the delicious honey. The honey badger is planning to set a trap for the pangolin in order to beat him…

This African legend talks about competition while reminding us that a true winner is not always the one who comes in First. In the documentary section, learn more about Pangolin, such a strange animal covered with scales, the well-named Honey Badger and a startling bird called Greater honeyguide.

Izumi Mattei-Cazalis

20 x 10 cm – 32 pages

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