Time Explorers: Looking for Pharaoh

The Time Explorers series: Nanie, Yann and Loup share a passion for History and adventure. When Gaspard, their old scientist friend, invents a fantastic time machine, they become the ‘Time Explorers’. Their mission? Going back in time to save princes, kings and keep History on track!

Volume 1: Looking for Pharaoh. Eager for adventure, Yann, Loup and Nanie love to meet at Gaspard’s house. Today, this extravagant old inventor has great news: his time machine is working, and the three friends will be able to travel back in time! First trip? Ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. But it seems that Anubis, god of the dead, has other plans… If our three heroes wish to return to their time, they must first save Khafre, heir to the throne of Egypt! A mission that will prove to be perilous. Accompanied by Princess Merites, the three friends will travel the country and meet a «Shadow Swallower», killer and henchman of Djedefre, Khafre’s brother and evil Pharaoh, ready to do anything to keep his throne.

See Volume 2: Attack on Troy, Volume 3: Double Plot in Rome

Alain Surget

Ages: 10-12 – 14 x 21,5 cm – 208 pages – Paperback with flaps

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