Time Explorers: Attack on Troy

The Time Explorers series: Nanie, Yann and Loup share a passion for History and adventure. When Gaspard, their old scientist friend, invents a fantastic time machine, they become the ‘Time Explorers’. Their mission? Going back in time to save princes, kings and keep History on track!

Volume 2: Attack on Troy. Sent by the old inventor Gaspard to the heart of the Trojan War, Nanie, Yann and Loup have a mission: to find King Priam’s treasure. But when they arrive, they discover a plot organised by two traders and a Trojan high priest. Wishing to hasten the end of the war to resume their activities, they kidnap Astyanax, son of Hector, during a banquet. With no hesitation, our three heroes go in search of the young boy. They infiltrate the Greek and Trojan camps in turn, posing as envoys of the god Chronos. If they do not find Astyanax, the outcome of the entire war is in jeopardy … But the Time Explorers are ready to face any danger to get history back on track!

See Volume 1: Looking for Pharaoh, Volume 3: Double Plot in Rome

Alain Surget

Ages: 10-12 – 14 x 21,5 cm – 208 pages – Paperback with flaps

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