The King’s Amazones / Danxomè

1892, Wester Africa. In order to assert its influence against Germany, which armed the king of Danxomè, France sent troops to this independent kingdom, which will become the colony of Dahomey today Benin. The doctor of the expeditionary force embarked his own son, Alex, with the idea of “turning him into a man”. The army of the king of Danxomè is known and feared for its famous warriors of unequalled courage, called “the king’s amazons” by the Europeans. During a confrontation, Alex, panic-stricken, flees. His race ends at the bottom of a hole several meters deep, where a young enemy warrior has also fallen. Wounded, Agosì lets Alex heal her leg, before helping her out of their prison and disappearing into the forest while Alex returns to the camp.

Yann Fastier. 

14,8×21 cm – 288 pages

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