The Fox and the Crown

Location: Croatia, Italy, France / late 19th century.
Ana is ten when she finds herself living in the streets on her own. She joins a group of street children lead by the intriguing Dunja. She meets Monsieur Roland, a French naturalist who takes her to France with him to study there. Ten years later, in the middle of a peaceful countryside, Dunja finds Ana and tells her about a secret which will set her life on an adventure she would never have expected.
A fabulous adventure: imaginative and free-thinking, subversive and full of gusto, a gripping page-turner with plenty of food for thought.” Télérama

Yann Fastier

Location/Set: XIXth century. Croatia, Italy, France

Awards: Prix Millepages 2018, Sélection Prix Libr’à Nous 2019, Sélection Prix de la Médiathèque de la Porte des Vosges Méridionales 2019, Sélection Prix du club ados de la librairie Le Silence de la Mer 2019, Sélection Prix Lucioles Junior 2019.

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