Mysteries in the Scottish Highlands / Mystères dans les Highlands

It’s departure time for Alex Moury and his 6th grade pupils! They travel to the Scottish Highlands, their countryside full of mysteries and folklore. Between the visit of a haunted castle, the surprising food and the thief of jewellery, Amytis, Romain, Hugo and their friends will not forget their school trip any time soon.

Mysteries in the Scottish Highlands Trilogy:

  1. The Thief of the Bristish Museum
  2. The Pirates of the Golden Hinde
  3. Captain Kidd’s Treasure

Alain Surget & Louis Alloing

13 x 18 cm – 96 pages – Paperback

London, Scotland, Egypt, the Mayan country, Rome, on the Transsiberian railway or in Tokyo… The Mysteries series is a series of illustrated fiction, that will take you all around the world with a class of 10 and 11 year old and their teacher.