Mysteries in Maya Country / Mystères chez les Mayas

Alex Moury’s class travels to Mexico in the Mayan country. But while traveling by canoe, some of the students get lost in the jungle. And the students feel the jungle is chasing them. They flee and, to escape their pursuers, both wild animals and traffickers, they rush into a deep cave that leads to a pristine Mayan city. They discover that the country is… inhabited! To keep their secret, will the Mayans let the children go?

Alain Surget & Louis Alloing

13 x 18 cm – 96 pages – Paperback

London, Scotland, Egypt, the Mayan country, Rome, on the Transsiberian railway or in Tokyo… The Mysteries series is a series of illustrated fiction, that will take you all around the world with a class of 10 and 11 year old and their teacher.