Stormy House / L’orage à la maison

Arthur’s parents fight a lot and the boy believes he is the cause of it all. Arthur’s poetic imagination and emotional stages will make him navigate in search of a shell able to swallow the storm happening in his house, between his parents. He will meet a multitude of characters, from a healing octopus to even the hermit crab, a vacuum cleaner of harmful thoughts.

Thus, each new encounter will help him grow up and understand that he is not the “storm” of his parents.

Carried by the reassuring voice of Mélanie Doutey and illustrated entirely in colored pencil by Mathilde Bédouet. The audio book l’Orage à la maison (Stormy house) allows each parent to discuss with their child, in pictures and music, a subject that can sometines be touchy or uneasy.

21,8 x 28,4 cm – 32 pages