J’aimerais… / I Would Like…

“I would like to fly like a leaf in the wind. I would like a pet. I would like to be blue or be able to stop war.” It is bedtime, and a little boy is playing his favourite game – making a list of all the things he would like. With Gérard DuBois’ sumptuous illustrations, we never leave the child’s bedroom, and yet page by page, we escape to another world through imagination and dreams.

Each idea is reinterpreted by mischievous and magical illustrations. A beautiful picture book encouraging children to dream with their eyes wide open and make a list of everything they would like – or love! A wonderful way to end the day and drift into an imaginary world before falling asleep.

Stephanie Demasse-Pottier & Gerard Dubois

16 x 20 cm – 40 pages

I would like to walk on my hands.

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