How Kiwis lost their wings / Quand le kiwi perdit ses ailes

Canopy trees are threatened by bugs nibbling their trunks. Tanemahuta, Father of the Forest, calls birds for help and ask them to fly down from the trees-tops to assist him to save his children. But Tui is afraid of the dark, Pukeko doesn’t want to wet his feet, Pipiwharauroa is much too busy building his nest. Will Kiwi agree to come down from the sky and give up daylight?

This beautiful and meaningful Maori legend tells us about difference, bravery and the power of choice. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about endangered forests and think over what we are ready to give up in order to save them.

Izumi Mattei-Cazalis

20 x 10 cm – 32 pages

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