Esther and Mandragore

Esther, the Witch pupil and her cat Mandragore will take you to great adventures in the Other World, i.e. human world!

Esther is a freshly arrived student at the Witches’ school and she doesn’t do very well. But surprisingly, she has received the First Prize for Curiosity! She receives a pass for the Other World, i.e. the humans world. Mandragore, her cat who only ever thinks of taking a nap, will most certainly be happy! Additionally, they have to help Zoe find her cat. Although she is not supposed to use magic there, a few magic tricks will be needed along the way! It’s a fun way to discover our world, as seen by the eyes of a witch who lives in a world ruled by women.

The Esther and Mandragore series contains 4 titles so far. The first title itself sold 10 000 copies just in France. 

Translated in Spanish, Ukrainian. Please note that Right Story only handles Tv/Movie rights. Please contact the publisher for any query related to translation rights.

Author: Sophie Dieuaide, Marie-Pierre Oddoux

Location: Earth, Wizard World

Movie reference: The Worst Witch/Les aventures maladroite d’Amandine Malabul, Sabrina/Sabrina the teenage witch

TV / Movie rights available.