Enal and the Sea Nomads/Enal et le peuple de l’eau

An engaged and poetic picture book, an eco-friendly tale that comprises real issues with free inspiration. It carries us away somewhere in Asia, there, in the middle of the ocean… This tale is based on the real story of a friendship between a child and a shark. It presents the “Sea Nomads”, the Sama-Bajaus, a stateless folk that sails between Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, and lives on floating villages and boats. A culture threatened by the repression of authorities and the evolution of the marine ecosystem (at the core of this plot), which destroy their unique way of life. The fine and delicate illustrations bring a great power of evocation to this narrative. 

By Laurence Pérouème and Pascale Maupou Boutry

24 x 24 cm – 32 pages

Award: Prix des Incorruptibles 2020 Selection