Time Explorers: Double Plot in Rome

The Time Explorers Series: Nanie, Yann and Loup share a passion for History and adventure. When Gaspard, their old scientist friend, invents a fantastic time machine, they become the ‘Time Explorers’. Their mission? Going back in time to save princes, kings and keep History on track!

Volume 3: Double Plot in Rome. Nanie, Yann and Loup’s new adventure takes them inside a major event of Ancient Rome, the triumph of Cesar! Our heroes are thrilled at the idea to see the return of the Emperor from Egypt with Cleopatra. But new ennemies are plotting against the foreign queen, and to make things worse Nanie is abducted and sold as a slave! The time explorers will make an unexpected encounter that may have huge consequences…

See Volume 1: Looking for Pharaoh, Volume 2: Attack on Troy

Alain Surget

Ages: 10-12 – 14 x 21,5 cm – 208 pages – Paperback with flaps

Award: Winner of Prix Jeunesse Antiquités 2020

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