Antigone, or else…

“Their names are Tatiana, Fatia, Juliet, Dolma, Emilia, Keiko, Antigone or else…”.

With this book, Martine Delerm delivers a strong and poetic testimony on sacrificed childhood, prey to a violence that spares no one, particularly girls, forever prisoners in a barbed wire world, to whom a multiple voice is given here.

Evanescent watercolours with a surrealist atmosphere, Martine Delerm enhances the fragility of these little girls from all over the world, victims of pain, injustice, contempt and subjugation.

Through such a famous and universal title heroin, this book does not only echo to feminism, it is quite simply a tribute to children who suffer, as well as to those who stand up against the atrocity of wars and the misdeeds of their elders. With Antigone, comes the hope of a freedom, and courage to say “NO”. But the territory of such freedom is very narrow. Or else…

23 x 27 cm – 32 pages

By Martine Delerm