Alice in Wonderland/ Alice au pays des merveilles

7 chapters, 1 chapter a day: 7 days to discover and explore a classic title and slowly take it all in!

While sitting in the meadow by her reading sister’s side, Alice gets bored. She picks flowers, yawns and suddenly jumps: a White Rabbit passed her by. He is wearing a red jacket and keeps checking a pocket watch, mumbling “Oh boy! I am late, so late!’. Intrigued, the young girl decides to follow him, gets into his burrow and lands on a new Wonderland. A land to have tea with Hare and a Mad Hatter, to take advice from a blue smoking Caterpillar, to face a Cheshire Cat, or enter into a game of crocket with the Queen of Hearts and her playing cards army…

29,4 x 24,3 cm – 64 pages

Based on Lewis Carroll, adaptation by Gudule, Xavière Devos.

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