Ado sapiens

Change the world or at least their way of consuming: this is what Lili and Emma’s parents had in mind when they decided to send the two cousins to the Ado-Sapiens camp in the Vercors. What does it involve? For a week, the teenagers live as nomads and respect nature: solar shower, dry toilets and no cell phones…
In spite of her attempts to escape, Lili ends up getting on the bus that takes her to the camp. But between the rain that gives her the look (and the smell) of an old cocker spaniel under her waterproof poncho, the throwing of toilet paper in the fire in front of everyone and the nightly hunt that turns into a drama, will Lili succeed in making this imposed vacation something other than a nameless nightmare?

Raphaële Frier.

12,5×19 cm – 112 pages.

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